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Pickleverse: The Movie

A Worldwide Mystery Thriller

In a world where everything revolves around Pickleball (I mean everything), winning the game is the paramount! So when two arch rivals have to come together to save their world, this buddy comedy parodies everything you love (and hate) about 'big universe' movies.

currently in development

Dr. Dink 

“Please dink responsibly.”


Sgt Banger

“No Bang, No Glory!"

From Orange County, California, Dr. Dink was an Olympic Gold winner and remains the crowd favorite. Known for his flair with the ladies, he is a surfer, a foodie, and a Doctor. He has been chasing the pickleball circuit since he was 6 years old, and is widely believed to be a master of finesse play.

Sgt Banger grew up on the other side of the tracks, where Pickleball is played in back alleys and broken tennis courts. After a short stint in the Army, he came up through the 'unofficial' pickleball tournaments, fighting and scrapping for every point he won.

Fighting for the SURVIVAL of their UNIVERSE!
(at least that's how they see it)

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