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Barry S. Silver is a versatile filmmaker whose career spans producing, directing, and editing across advertising, film and television. His work reflects a dedication to storytelling and a commitment to excellence.

Barry's filmography encompasses a range of genres, often mixing drama, comedy and documentary styles.  With an MFA in Editing from the AFI, Silver’s love of comedy began while editing “The Howie Mandel Show", "Bailey Kipper's POV" and scores of segments for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."


After editing two Sundance award-winning films - "Nonnie & Alex", directed by Todd Field and "FUN", directed by Rafal Zielinski - Barry has worked producing and editing a variety of feature films, broadcast TV shows and advertisements for well over two decades.

During his tenure as a filmmaker, he also helped pioneer new ways of using digital tools in the editorial process, invented a desktop telecine machine, and developed & sold advanced film matchback software in 27 different countries.

More recently, Barry directed the short film "HUGE FAN", which was selected for two festivals and won its first award - 2 weeks prior to the COVID lock-down in 2020.



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